There are lots of activities to keep you busy throughout the week including:

  • Sports – inter-tent competitions for points
  • Workshops – to learn more about God
  • Off-site activities – including canoeing, dragon boating, archery, ghyll scrambling, swimming, shopping in Keswick, climbing, Viking boating and paddle boarding
  • Evening team games – work together and win points
  • Suppertime – songs, silly games, video of the day and a talk from the Bible

The following companies are used each year for our off-site activities:

  • Live4Adventure (AALA licence no: R2303) – for ghyll scrambling and rock climbing
  • Platty+ Limited (AALA licence no: L7423/R0507) – for canoeing, raft building, viking boating, paddle boarding and dragon boating

These organisations are covered by the National Adventure Activities Licensing Authority.

How to apply

To apply, please complete the Campers’ Application form , print and sign both pages before returning it to Neil Baxter, Camp Treasurer (contact details are included in the Campers’ information leaflet).  The cost is £95 per person – given the uncertainty due to the pandemic we are not asking for the usual deposit and will only ask for the full amount to be paid once we know if Camp can go ahead.

What to bring

We recommend you bring the following items for your week at Camp:

  • Two full changes of clothes, pyjamas, coat (anorak/cagoule) and sports wear for activities as required e.g. swimming, canoeing, ghyll scrambling etc.
  • Suitable footwear – wellingtons (for around the field) and an old pair of trainers (for activities) is advised
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Camp bed/mat, sleeping bag, pillow and blanket (if required)
  • Torch and batteries
  • Bible (if you have one)